Terms and Conditions :

1. The applicant(s) has / have been satisfied about the location of the resort, its amenities, features and explanation of the Resort Project & have signed and submitted this application form to M/s.Danta Resort (hereinafter referred as Danta Resort) for the purchase of Vacation Membership valid for 10 years. The applicant has also read and understood the details, specifications, legalities of the project and details contained in the brochure provided.

2. The Vacation Membership is allotted to the applicant(s) / purchaser(s) after collecting the prevailing One time membership fee along with the applicable GST. The member shall be able to use and enjoy the facilities of the Vacation Membership only after the full and final payment is received by Danta Resort.

3. Danta Resort will issue Two membership cards for each application. One in the name of Applicant and the second in the name of Co-applicant. Applicants are allowed to mention names of Two Children of age below 12 years as Dependant Members. Once the child crosses the age of 12 years, he/she will cease to be Dependant Member.

4. Self-attested proof of address and Pan Card copy of both 1st applicant and 2nd applicant needs to be attached along with this form. Any subsequent change in the address either permanent or temporary shall be intimated to Danta Resort. Details of the special events, special tariffs will be intimated by Danta Resort to the address mentioned in this Application form.

5. The Vacation Membership will entitle the member to avail, use and enjoy a period not exceeding 7 nights of free accommodation every year for a period of 10 years. The Member can avail, use and enjoy the period of 7 nights of free accommodation in one go or shall have the option of breaking it into two portions of (a) 4 nights stay spread from Monday to Thursday and (b) 3 nights weekend stay spread from Friday to Sunday and not otherwise. The unused free accommodation shall lapse annually and can not be carried over.

6. The Member is allowed to authorize third party to avail the benefits out of his 7 nights of free accommodation without any extra cost. All the terms and conditions are applicable to the Third party authorized by the member.

7. The Member has to intimate and book the accommodation sufficiently in advance & shall cover all seasons of the year and the Vacation Membership will guarantee the free stay at the Resort only on the basis of accommodation availability.

8. The Vacation Membership will entitle the Member to avail Free accommodation in one of the 14 Suites at Main Building of Danta Resort at Survey no.192/12, Kopatti Village, Bhagamandala Road, Kodagu, The Member shall also be eligible to avail similar benefits in all future resort projects of Danta Group on certain terms and conditions as and when they are developed. The Member shall pay for the Restaurant, Laundry, Club House, Swimming Pool, Games and such other facilities as per the usage or consumption at some discount as may be announced by Danta Resort from time to time.

9. Member is required to pay the Annual Membership fee commencing from Second Year till the End of Membership at the rates as may be intimated to the Member from year to year. Danta Resort reserves the right to cancel the Membership without any notice and without any compensation/damages if the Member is in default of Annual fee or violates any terms and conditions.

10. This Membership is not alienable. In case of unforeseen death of the member, the Vacation Membership will be transferred to the Nominee as stated in the application form for the remainder of the tenure, subject to the submission of the relevant documents. Such transfer in the name of nominees shall be done at no extra charges.

11. Danta Resort is affiliated to RCI. With this affiliation, Members may be allowed to enjoy all the benefits of RCI subject to usual terms and conditions.

12. The Member shall have no claim or grievance for, on any deficiency of services on Danta Resort in respect of the free accommodation availed at other resort availed through RCI or any other Timeshare Exchange Company.

13. Danta Resort reserves the right to change terms, conditions and rules from time to time. No prior consent of any Member shall be necessary for such changes. Danta Resort may cancel this agreement at any time at it’s sole discretion due to various situations. In such an event, Danta Resort will refund the proportionate amount for the un availed benefits.

14. Danta Resort is not responsible for any injury or loss of property suffered by Member while on the premises of Danta Resort for any reason whatsoever. And Member is required to maintain discipline at the Resort premises and shall not cause any damage to assets of the Resort and shall maintain good conduct with the employees and other Guests at the Resort. In the event of any loss or damage caused to the assets or employees of the Resort, Member is liable to indemnify the same.

15. All and whatever dispute or difference shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the ARBITRATION AND COCILIATION ACT 1996, proceeded by mediation ; the venue for arbitration or conciliation shall be Madikeri only. No Member shall approach court or consumer forum without exhausting arbitration remedy.

16. All rights and privileges to the members shall be enforceable only against the property of Danta Resort and not against the persons in whom it is or will be vested in any circumstances whatsoever.


I / We, the undersigned applicant(s) (Sole /First and Co/ Second applicant),do here by declare that the above mentioned particulars / information given by me / us are irrevocable, true and correct to my/our knowledge and no material fact has been concealed there from. I/We have gone through the terms and conditions written in this form and accept the same and which shall ipso-fact to be applicable to my/ our legal heirs, successors and Assignees.